The Ninteen Dollar Office Space Solution

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Do you live in the suburbs? Is your office in your house? Are your clients in the city? Do you attend networking functions and meetings in the city? to and from your home office into the city for business suck up a lot of valuable time?  Time that you could put to productive use.   Do you spend more time than you would like using WIFI at Starbucks or other locations that offer WIFI and a place to sit down?  Can’t quiet justify the cost of office space in town just yet?  If you answered yes to more than one of these questions don’t despair there is a solution!  Solopreneurs are having a significant impact on business!

Even if you work for someone who supplies you with office space you are probably not at that office much unless you have an administrative position or some other position that requires you to sit at a desk or work in a stationary area.  Per an article in Scientific American there will be over 1 billion mobile workers by 2015.

I am a solopreneur.  I live in the burbs.  I was wasting valuable productive time behind a windshield and I was spending a lot of money every month to “buy” myself a seat at crowded coffee shops and noisy restaurants so I could work while in town instead of  driving all the way back to my home office.

Another growing problem for me was lack of a suitable space to meet with clients.  My house was too far away for most and there is just something uncomfortable and unprofessional about meeting clients in an office located in your home.

Last month at my friend Nancy Johnson’s monthly networking event, inHouston Women, I was lamenting over my situation with a friend who had similar issues.  We had both been looking for a solution for more than a year.  Another woman at the event heard us, her name was Ruby, and asked “Could you afford $19.00 a month to solve your problem?”  Certainly I could I was spending MUCH more than that on coffee each month!  I felt sure there was a serious catch 22 or that possibly Ruby did not really understand what I needed.  I got her card and called her the next day.

There was no catch 22 and she totally understood what I needed!  Ruby is the manager of one of the local locations of an international company that provides Executive Suites.  I signed up the next day.  When in the city I simply check in at the front desk of the closest location and go to the business lounge, no reservation required.  Anywhere I go in Houston there is a location nearby.  The business lounges I have visited are well appointed and quiet. Because I am fully integrated into the cloud I do not need stationary file cabinets and my office phone rings, via an app, on my cell phone.  I use a “Thinkpod” when I want privacy or sit at one of the empty desks if privacy is less important.  The kitchen has a refrigerator I can use and I can drink all of the gourmet coffee and tea I want at no additional charge.  The WIFI is business class.  Never am I dropped or the service slowed down. When I need a private office to meet with a client I simply pay a discounted hourly fee.  I also have access to a small and a large conference room at a discounted rate.   If you do business in other cities in the U S, or internationally, you can get an upgraded service and have access to locations in cities you do business in.  The service is called a membership and you can contract for as little as 6 months if you want to try it out first.

The service is provided by Regus Executive Suites.  Contact Ruby Tollett at for information.

Through the years I have discovered that if you have a need, and are patient while you search for a solution, a solution will eventually come your way!

See you in the cloud!

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